NOT WITHOUT YOU, 2010, 84′

Not Without You

Not Without You is an intimate and heartbreaking portrait of an elderly couple, Ger Lataster and Hermine van Hall, filmed by their son and daughter-in-law. The documentary depicts the last year that photographer Hermine and painter Ger lived together, after 65 years of marriage.
Everything in life that Hermine and Ger had taken for granted is falling apart. Due to his deafness and her dementia, daily misunderstandings mount, leading to mutual bewilderment. But in gardening, and especially in art, they continue to find joy and solace.
Ger tries to keep on painting, but his muse Hermine slowly loses track of things. The moment of farewell draws inevitably closer. After Hermine’s death, a return to painting becomes a matter of survival for Ger.
Not Without You is an ode to love and to the power of art.